Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BodyMedia Fit Core Armband - I found my motivation!

This summer I finally started my New Years goal (I know, it's no longer January) of losing weight and making my body healthier. I've been doing it on my own with some success. Yet, now I am at a slow point in the weight loss. And I feel like I am loosing motivation.

Recently, BodyMedia sent me a BodyMedia FIT Core Armband that is giving me back my motivation. It is something you can wear day and night, will track your wake/sleep cycle, the online system will track your calories burned and calories consumed, and it tracks how many steps you've taken throughout the day and which ones were just regular walking and which are at brisk speeds.

I am pumped up to give this a thorough 30-day initial trial, though I think it's something I will stick with using. I need the motivation, especially when I don't necessarily see success on the scale number wise, I will be able to see success each day w/ calories burned and steps taken.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for a thorough review with my true opinions of the BodyMedia Fit Core Armband in about 30 days. 

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