Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Golden Age Cheese Co - Naturally tasting, scrumptious cheese!

Golden Age Cheese Co. sent me some cheese recently to try.

Based in New York, Golden Age Cheese Co. is a family owned and operated business that started back in 1983. Their mission: to produce the best natural quality cheese.

What I tried:
* Sharp Cheddar Block Cheese
* Plain Cheese Curds (My favorite!)
* Bacon & Chive Cheese Curds
* Cajun Cheese Curds

My thoughts: FANTASTIC!!! Golden Age Cheese makes delicious cheese, hands down! The cheese curds were large in portion size, non-greasy, and creamy. It was very naturally tasting along with being healhty. The Bacon & Chive Curds were bacon packed with a somewhat smoked flavor (maybe from the bacon). These cheese curds would be perfect for snacking on or serving at Graduation Parties/Weddings/More! I sliced the block cheese and used it on cold sandwiches and also grilled cheese - absolutely scrumptious!

Their packaging and shipping process is fast and secure. The cheese came wrapped in insulated bubble wrap with an ice pack to ensure the cheese stays as cold as possible during shipping! Excellent!

I DO recommend Golden Age Cheese - Make sure you check them out with the following links:


Like their Facebook Page: LINK
Follow them on their Twitter Page: LINK
Check out their Blog: LINK
Call them to place an order: (607) 458-5365


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