Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swag Bucks - The easy route to earning prizes, gift certificates, and more!

Swag Bucks

What are Swag Bucks?
Swag Bucks are the web's premier digital dollar. Accumulate at your own pace and redeem them for exclusive prizes.  (reference Swag Bucks FAQ Section)

Swag Bucks is a VERY easy way to earn points (called Swag Bucks) that you can accumulate and redeem for various prizes and sweepstakes, including my favorite, Amazon Gift Certificates!

For instance, right now, if you accumulate 450 Swag Bucks, you can that redeem those 450 SB for a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate. Once your Gift Certificate posts to your Swag Bucks account, then you simply add it to your Amazon account and you can either spend it that day or save it (like me) and accumulate your totals - this is a GREAT idea to help with Birthdays/Graduation/Christmas gifts! (Who out there doesn't like free stuff?)

I've already redeemed for over $90 total in Amazon Gift Certificates - all earned with very little effort on my part, and very little time! 

There are numerous (I haven't counted, but I'm sure there's over 100 different ones) things you can redeem your Swag Bucks for, like stickers, posters, gift certificates (not just for Amazon, they have other stores), sweepstakes where you can try for a chance to win big ticket items, and more!

How do you earn Swag Bucks?
Easily, that's how! No, really, I'm being serious!
Searching, like you do on Google, is the most common/easiest route. All you need to do is download the search bar to your computer (no worries folks, no viruses, and it does NOT slow down your computer). You may not earn Swag Bucks on each and every search you do, so just keep searching! When I want to go to a particular website, for instance Facebook, instead of typing in the URL, I search for it with my Swag Bucks Search Bar, this helps better your chances of earning more SB!

Surveys, they are easy and usually short surveys, but sometimes longer ones - still easy to do!

Shopping online, if you are already planning on making an online purchase, check to see if the retailer is a supported on Swag Bucks and use their links, then you earn SB's for your purchases!

Daily Polls, these are a cinch, and take one click and almost zero thoughts. Basically, a question with multiple choice answers, and you choose the one that best fits you!

Watching Videos, I've been watching Swag Bucks Videos more often lately, as I've found the cooking videos to be very interesting and informing. And yeah, I like to earn more Swag Bucks!

There are other ways you can earn Swag Bucks, many more ways. Make sure you check out the Swag Bucks Blog daily also, as sometimes they hide a Swag Bucks code or two in there.

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