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Monday, February 15, 2010

Run, don't walk, to Jc Penney's!!! (I saved $240.82)

Jc Penney Printable Coupon $10 off $25 (Valid February 14 to 27)

Click on above link to take you to my post with the Coupon!

I hit the local Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jc Penney's tonight, and came away a VERY Happy Camper! I assume Jc Penney's is having these prices every where though.

Ready to hear what I saved??? Try $240.82 SAVINGS after the coupon! And only spent $16 and change out of pocket!

They had TONS of racks for their Red Zone Clearance (80% Off Original Prices!)! 

Women's, marked at $3.97 & $2.97, about 10 racks. Items found: Sweaters, shirts, JEANS, Courderoys, Slacks, dress suit jackets, and more! (this does not count the racks in Plus or Petite sections)

Men's Department - only a quick glance, many racks also at $3.97 even some WINTER Coats! (though slim selection on those coats)

Kid's - $2.97 Racks - not a ton, but a few racks in each kid deparment. I didn't shop the toddler section, but they had these racks too!

  • Girls' $2.97 Racks were mostly size M (8/10) up to 16 1/2 Plus. 

  • Boys $2.97 Racks included hooded zip up Sweatshirts! Long sleeve shirts too!


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