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Monday, March 22, 2010

Redbox Dvd Movie Rentals - $1 Per Night & Codes for FREE Rentals!

Would you like to know how to rent a movie for the night for cheap? Try Redbox Dvd Rentals! $1 for one night, per movie!!! (plus tax) You CAN NOT beat that price! Movie does need to be returned by 9 PM the day after you rent it, otherwise you do get charged for a 2nd day, but that is still only $1.

Coupon Codes for FREE RENTAL (one code per credit/debit card)
Write these down and bring the code with you 

Should work at ANY Redbox Location:

Coupon Code for FREE RENTAL at Walgreens Redbox Locations:

Coupon Code for FREE RENTAL at Hy-Vee Redbox Locations:
Code: 35HY3VE2

Coupon Code for FREE RENTAL at Giant Eagle Redbox Locations:
Code: 3GFRZ2E5    
Code: GE3FFM8 

You can also reserve a movie online using their website, the downfall with that is I do not believe you can use any of the FREE Rental codes. But if you MUST see a specific movie, it IS smart to RESERVE it!


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