Monday, August 6, 2012

5-Hour Energy Review

Do you ever have those days where you crawl out of bed and you turn around longing to crawl right back in? How about when you start a grueling task like mowing the lawn, and you just done feel like finishing?

This morning I did! I was slugging along mowing the backyard when I sat down to rest. Foolish mistake! What was I thinking?!? I was tired and came into the house, glanced at my inviting bedroom, and wanted to crawl back into bed. But wait! I can't! I have a to-do list a mile long today!

Think! Quickly! What do I do?

I grabbed a 5-Hour Energy Shot which is Berry flavored that Smiley 360 had sent me to try. Bottoms up! I chugged it down. A short while later I was ready and finished mowing the lawn; I even did a load of laundry!

5-Hour Energy is Sugar Free, contains only 4 calories, offers hours of energy, and doesn't give you the after crash like other energy products.

I haven't felt 'speedy' or jittery. I do feel like my eyelids are open, that I am awake and ready to take on my to-do list with some more energy.

5-Hour Energy is an acquired taste. I do suggest chugging them instead of sipping or drinking slowly; unless of course you drink energy shots or drinks regularly, in which you may enjoy the flavor.

You can purchase these at convenience store, grocery stores, and large retailers just about everywhere. They are sold individually or multi-packs. The bottles designed colorfully, are easy to open, and transportable; just toss one or two in your purse or bag.

I do recommend to 5-Hour Energy to my readers when you need a last minute 'pick me up'.

5-Hour Energy website:

Disclosure: Smiley 360 sent me two 5-Hour Energy shots to review and share my findings with my readers; there was no monetary compensation for this review. The bottle picture and opinions are mine; yours may vary. 


Patty A said...

I need one of those right now. ;-)

Morrisa said...

Hello! I nominated you for a blog award, check it out-

Susan said...

Hmm...those sound like they may be better for Daniel and I when we are driving from New Jersey to Kentucky. We usually go nuts on coffee but I have tempted to try these more than once!

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A Dollar Saved said...

Great post! Thank you :D

Patty said...

Patty A - I need one now too! lol

Morissa - AWESOME! Thank you so very much! I will check it out very soon!

Susan - Definitely give 5-Hour Energy a try. It may be a better alternative to coffee for you both.

A Dollar Saved - thank you!

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