Monday, August 6, 2012

Axe Anarchy For Her Review

Axe, a brand that has been solely for men, recently introduced a new product line for the ladies called Axe Anarchy For Her.

Axe describes Anarchy For Her as:
A feminine mix of sparkling fruity notes (apple & blackberry) with soft florals at the heart and a light finish of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. The fragrance is delicate and fun, designed to be used throughout the day.
Axe Anarchy for Her is sold in a 4 oz. Aerosol Bodyspray; available at most retailers. The suggested retail price is $4.99.

My 17-year old daughter and I put Axe Anarchy For Her to the test. The designs on the can are feminine and trendy. I can smell the sandalwood and amber as the primary scent, with hints of fruits and flowers.

Thoughts from my 17-year old daughter:
I like how it’s easy to open and close. Axe Anarchy For Her smells somewhat flowery. The scent is noticeable, but not too strong and it lasts a long time.
Thoughts from me, the Mom:

I absolutely love the twist top nozel! It is a great feature for teens that take Axe Anarchy For Her to school to spray after gym class or throughout the day and then just toss it into their backpack or purse – no worries about it spraying on it’s own or leaking! I do think it is more of a sporty scent, making it ideal for teenagers and ladies who are active.

The picture below shows the black cap twisted down which exposes the hot pink spray nozzle. A light press on the nozzle releases the bodyspray. Make sure you hold the can six inches from your body while spraying.

The next time you are out shopping, make sure you pick up a can of Axe Anarchy For Her.

Disclosure: I was sent a can of Axe Anarchy Bodyspray For Her to review and share my findings with my readers; there was no monetary compensation for this review. Opinions are those of my daughter and myself; yours may vary. Pictures in this review are mine.


genny said...

That looks interesting axe...Might try...


My husband loves Axe for men, I never knew they had stuff for women. I might have to check it out.

Veronica Fulton said...

Oohh this sounds nice! Bout time they came out for girls! I love AXE <3

bonnie hotl said...

I hope they bring out the deodorant and body wash for us girls also. I willl have to go try this thank you very much forthe info

Bonnie Way said...

Does sound nice. I find it interesting that Dove is making products for men now and Axe are making products for women. :) I don't use much scented stuff but this sounds like a scent I'd try. Thanks for sharing.

Morrisa said...

I didn't know there was an Axe for her, thanks for sharing!

Flora Foster said...

I might have to try this, as I love the way the fragrance for men that my husband wears. Great review!

Candice said...


Anonymous said...

I love that they are finally starting a line of products for females. Great review can not wait to try this.

Patty said...

genny & Amber Edwards - definitely check it out!

Bonnie Way - That is kind of funny that both companies are introducing products for the opposite sex.

Morissa - Glad I could help!

Flora - If your husband wears Axe and you love it, then you DEFINITELY need to check out Axe Anarchy For Her!

Candice - YES! :)

Jennifer Williams - I agree! I hope they go beyond just the body spray for ladies and include a body wash and deodorant.

Every Bliss said...

Lovely review!!! I'm not sure if I would be up for trying it though. I'm concerned about how strong the scent will be. Hmmm...might need to experiment :)

Utgrrl82 said...

I did not know there was an Axe for her. Thanks for sharing!

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