Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Chatter

Today is a Friday; it's time to get things done in the house! I am focusing on de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing my kitchen. I also need to order a Brake Cylinder for my van, along with cleaning the van.

Lots to do today.

I've got the kitchen rugs in the washing machine. My youngest helped de-clutter and organize on of our cupboards. I plan on having the oldest do a cupboard too; she will be thrilled!

Planning on trying out Barkeeper's Friend Polish & Cleanser on the kitchen sink; it needs to be sparkling! The refrigerator and microwave cart need de-cluttered and cleaned, my favorite chore, NOT! And I will pick a kid to wash the outside of the stove and oven.

That will just leave the floors and counters left, which won't take too long. I bought a new Swiffer floor mop yesterday, it has a spring design on it. Kind of excited to use it ~ yes, I know, I am weird!

Crossing my fingers I can get all of this done today.

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Homemom3 said...

haha I will be doing deep cleaning once kids start school. They start on the 13th. So very short time period. I'll be using a ton of different things: Mr.Bubbles, Magic Erasers, Bleach, etc. You name it and I will also be going through the kids' rooms and sorting clothes they've outgrown and putting a box of toys in the garage from both rooms. Enjoy your cleaning fest!

Patty said...

Homemom3 - next week we will start on kids' bedrooms here. They are a disaster!

Well, it's now 3:30 and I have the kitchen done! My oldest will clean her cupboard later today, but otherwise the kitchen is done! And I am a sweaty pig!

Now to just get the van cleaned and order the part!

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