Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Look What Fed Ex Just Delivered: Ecover!

Check out what the Fed Ex man just delivered!

Ecover Pomegranate Dish Washing Liquid, Ecover Bathroom Cleaner, and a nicely designed Ecover re-usable bag! These are natural, plant-based cleaning products that I am excited to test out and report my findings to you all! I'm totally pumped up to use these.

Keep your eyes on the blog for my review!

If you want to find out about Ecover, or purchase it, before you read my review, you can:
Read Ecover's Website
Shop Ecover Online
Find Ecover Locally
Follow Ecover on Twitter
"Like" Ecover on Facebook

Disclosure: I was sent these Ecover products to review and share my findings with my readers; there was no monetary compensation for the review. Pictures in this post are mine.


Susan said...

I'm excited to see! I have been wanting to try Ecover!

Melinda Dunne said...

I love Ecover products!

bonnie holt said...

i would love to try these . I will have to go check out their site

Jennifer Clay said...

I love Ecover! I have tried it before and it works great!

Monica said...

I've been using Ecover products for a while. They are great! Thanks for visiting me! Following you back.

Ecover said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes! Keep us posted. We think you'll be super-impressed with the power of nature!
-Deb for Ecver

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