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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Attention Beauty Bloggers ~ Make Up & Humidity, What do you do?

Attention Beauty Bloggers:
I need HELP! How do you apply and wear make up in humidity & heat and not have it sweat right off? What are your tricks of the trade?
Whenever I apply foundation and powder, then step outside, it sweats right off from the humidity & heat; it seems pointless to even put it on, but I want to look nice outside too!
Can you share your tricks & tips please?

Please reply on this post, or reply with a blog post of your own and leave a link in the comment section.
Thanks in advance for helping me out! :)


Leah Schwartz said...

Hello Patty,
I live in Florida, Miami to boot. So I know the worst of the worst humidity wise. Generally I do not wear a lot of makeup but their are loads of great brands that have put out 24 hour or waterproof formulations. I have not posted on this but will complete this post on my blog. Look into some sealing facial mists and opt for either a BB (beauty or blemish balm) as well as tinted moisturizers. They tend to hold up better in the heat because they are not as highly pigmented. Another product that is starting to become popular is the tinted sunscreen.... continued on my blog I will post the exact link when the photos start to behave :D

Patricia Woolverton said...

Patty, I use a makeup primer to help keep makeup in place during the hot humid months. The one I am currently using is called L'Oreal Magic Lumi light infusing primer. I really like this one as it is not heavy on your face. A light layer goes a long way. I live in Florida and it gets humid and hot here, and I have not had any issues with my makeup coming off while using the primer.

Tricia @ Tricia's Treasures

Sparkle Core said...

Patty, I live out here in the Mojave desert so I can fully appreciate your dilemma. I use a primer first followed by a mineral powder foundation. I really think the key is just finding a product that works my liquid foundations just run for the hills. I recently got some Smashbox Photofinish liquid foundation however that really seems to be holding up! Check out my blog for makeup reviews I will be sure to include their effect in hot weather for ya!

Coupondipity said...

I think one thing that helps (and I am in hot and humid Florida!) is to use a 'tint' rather than a full foundation. Cover with a sheer powder. The tints tend to be lighter coverage. Use a loose powder to set it, rather than a compact...
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Sparkle Core said...

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Shannyn SimplyShan said...

Powder! BUT, I always use sunscreen. You can get really good tinted ones, but for me, it's vital!

Melanie said...

I'm glad that you posted this because I have the same problem. My skin is combination/oily and always seems to lean more to oily in the heat and humidity. I've always been a fan of powder, but hate that eventually I can looked like a caked mess. Now, I have been using a cheap face primer and powder to try to find a happy medium. So far, it's kind of working. Everyone here has provided great suggestions!

Patty said...

Thank you Leah! I look forward to reading your blog post - feel free to come post a link directly to it when it's ready.
I'm totally not a beauty buff - I had never heard of 'sealing facial mist', or 'beauty balm', or 'blemish balm' - don't laugh! I think I've heard of 'tinted moisturizers' & 'tinted sunscreen' but never tried them or really knew what they were. Thanks to you, I am learning about new-to-me products to try, I appreciate it.

Patty said...

Thanks for your response Patricia!
Again, another new word for me, 'Make Up Primer'. Do you apply it under some powder? Or just use the primer by itself?
Also, if you put the primer on and then add foundation & powder - does it feel heavy, like too much? Or can you not tell the difference feel-wise with primer?

Patty said...

Sparkle Core - I appreciate your reply, thank you!
I've heard lots of good things about Smashbox, I think I may need to try some Photofinish Liquid Foundation out, and see how it works for me. I will keep my eyes on your blog, also.

Patty said...

Thanks alot Couppondipity! Again, another response mentioning 'tint' - looks like another product to try. If you all have a recommendation of a specific brand to try let me know. Great tip about loose powder vs compact - I have BOTH and will try this the next time I dare to wear make up outside in the heat.
I do plan on keeping my eyes on your blog for savings on make up - I LOVE to save money, ALWAYS!

Patty said...

Thanks a bunch Shannyn!
You say 'Powder' - are you talking powder like in a compact? Or loose powder? Or baby powder?
A third mention of 'tint' - Tint sounds like a MUST!
Does anyone have a specific brand recommendation? I will check out your blog post here shortly - thanks!

Patty said...

Melanie, I also have combination/oily skin - well I guess it'd be called t-zone.
I dislike the caked on, cracked, or melting look - it does not make me look beautiful, nor feel beautiful.
I am glad that my question is also helping you. :)
Which primer are you trying?
Thank you very much for helping me with my dilemma!

Ali said...

Hey, I can greatly empathize with you, so I felt a strong desire to respond. I have had good luck with Clinique Stay Matte/oil free foundation. When I went on a trip to Madrid, where the heat was scorching in July, i was impressed that it stayed on throughout hours of treking. I bought it specifically for that trip, where I knew I would sweat profusely walking to everything. We ended up hiking and it stayed put, so that's another one you could check out. Maybe i'll do a blog post too, not a bad topic at all! :)

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