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Monday, July 23, 2012

Madelaine Chocolate Review

Do you like good chocolate? Like the melt-in-your-mouth, creamy milk chocolate kind? I do!

Recently I won some Madelaine Chocolate from Christy's Reviews and More.

Madelaine Chocolate was established in 1949; they are a American family owned and run company, based in New York. Madelaine Chocolate makes and sells a large variety of chocolates for major holidays (like Easter and Christmas), for special occasions (like Mother's Day), and your regular everyday chocolates (like the Gold Milk Chocolate Cigars & Boxed Golf Balls that I was lucky to try).

You can purchase Madelaine Chocolate at various online retails and local retail stores. Check out the locations: HERE

Chocolate 101 (linked) will teach you all about chocolate.

Here is a picture of how my chocolates were packaged when they arrived. They were beautifully packaged!

I received the Gold Cigars Gift Box that is solid milk chocolate and Semi Solid Milk Chocolate Golf Balls.

The Gold Cigars would be perfect for any type of celebration - like Retirement Parties, Bachelor Parties, Birthdays, celebrating the birth of a child, and many more life's events!

The Gold Cigars Solid Milk Chocolate are: smooth, creamy, sweet (not overly, just perfectly sweet), melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Madelaine Chocolate can be VERY addictive, I suggest buying some extras so you do not run out.

I DO recommend Madelaine Chocolate to all my readers, all chocolate lovers, and anyone looking for that perfect gift!

Madelaine Chocolate website: HERE
Follow them on Twitter: HERE
"Like" them on Facebook: HERE (Tell them Frugal Midwest sent you, please)
Find out where you can buy Madelaine Chocolate: HERE


Ali said...

That's some fancy chocolate. :) Yum!

Young At Heart Mommy said...

You had me at chocolate! These looks so yummy and I really like the cute shapes. These looks like great gifts for a special guy in your life :)

Celebrate Woman said...

I would love to test this chocolate!
I only eat the chocolate made by companies like Madelaine's. They care what quality cocoa they put into their products.

Samantha said...

Chocolate is my magic word these days! What a cool company!

Alaina Bullock said...

Oh yum!! I best it really was delicious!

Nita said...

Me too. I would love to try this chocolate one of these days. It sure looks yummy!

Ada Miller said...

I'm a chocolate lover and this sounds like some awesome chocolate!

Melanie said...

I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, but I am definitely loving the molded chocolate that that Madelaine Chocolate is offering. I see great opportunities for gifts!

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